5 Fun Facts about Jeep


Jeep: An Icon

Whether you're a Jeep buff or not, you most likely know that it originated as a military vehicle. Its history is a significant in relation to World War II, which is where the utility vehicle that's now so popular with people originated.

Fun Facts

1. Testing of the Jeep military vehicle began in late 1940 at Holabird Military Base in Maryland. The flat grill and integrated headlights that are still seen on this vehicle today were part of the initial design, although they have undergone several iterations, including varying numbers of grill slots and differently-shaped headlights.

2. It is a generally-accepted fact that the name" Jeep" originated with the letters GP, which stand for “general purpose." The name, as we know it today, was a slang takeoff on these letters, which ostensibly prefer to the vehicle’s ability to function in multiple capacities in many types of rough terrain.

3. Many prominent people, including celebrities, have owned one of these iconic vehicles. One such person, who counts as both an American legend and, in some circles, a celebrity, was former U.S. President Ronald Reagan, who drove one on his ranch.

4. Today, the Chrysler company owns the production rights to the Jeep. However, the vehicles have been manufactured over the years by several companies, including Willys–Overland and American Motors.

5. Today, although it has become popular in civilian territory, the Jeep is still used in rugged pursuits. Owners gather for jamborees all over the world where they test their vehicles’ stamina and adaptability in rugged and unwelcoming conditions.


Getting into a Jeep

So, now you know a little bit more about an iconic brand that originated for military purposes. Even if you don't plan on taking one off road, a Jeep is still a great vehicle to own. Whether you're using it to climb a mountainside, or you're just cruising to the local hangout in your hometown, you will look great behind the wheel of one of these vehicles, which basically amount to pieces of American history. Should you be in the market for a Jeep and researching Jeep Dealers Tulsa, OK, Roberts CDJR will likely have something available for you. Visit www.dodgeofpryor.com to get started on the buying process.

If you have never owned a Jeep before, but you've always dreamed of driving along with the top down and the wind in your hair, be aware that there are plenty of options for finding one in your price range. If a brand-new vehicle is not in your budget, consider a certified, pre-owned Jeep. These vehicles come with a factory warranty, so you can have peace of mind when buying used. There are so many choices when it comes to finding your dream Jeep, so don't wait another day. Jump in and find out about the wonderful things that come with Jeep ownership!

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